Mind the Funding Gap

Catch up on our recent ‘Mind the Funding Gap!’ event, held in partnership with CMS in London, where we discussed how diverse entrepreneurs can get better access to capital.

Malta Venture Opportunities Post Pandemic

In our recent ‘Malta Venture Opportunities Post Pandemic’ event, an esteemed panel of leading Maltese and EU funding experts discussed the challenges that Maltese entrepreneurs face in accessible capital from their regional hub.

Boston Venture Post Pandemic Event

Qodeo partnered with Boston University Questrom School of Business for another research project. Watch this webinar for latest insights on the VC/PE industry in the Boston region! Opening remarks from Barbara Bickart – Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Programs at Questrom School of Business, followed by …

Clearing the bias hurdle for African American entrepreneurs

With VCs historically investing in narrow networks, geographic and diversity bias has made it increasingly difficult for investors to pierce the glass ceiling and gain access to capital. Qodeo Advisory Board Member and Duke University innovation maven, Stephen Fusi has penned some thoughts for those facing these challenges. The challenges facing investors and diverse, regional […]

The long hard road to raising funds and one genius shortcut

At a time when speed to market is everything, entrepreneurs are spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars seeking funding, only to come up empty. We look at the barriers faced by entrepreneurs on the long road to raising funds and explore how Qodeo provides a shortcut around them. Founders of growth entrepreneurial businesses […]

Why VC/PE is a cottage industry and how to get inside

Despite trillions in wealth under management in venture capital, private equity and angel investing, it remains a cottage industry. We give you 7 reasons that make it so, and plenty of reasons to not let that get in the way of your fundraising. If you’re new to capital/private equity (VC/PE), or even if you’ve been […]