How to beat bias and connect with VCs, PEs and Angels

If your business is located outside of a major center, or your founder didn’t go to the right business school (or any business school), you might find that bias is keeping you off the radar for funding. Intentionally or not, bias also limits returns for the VC community, and stunts economic growth. It’s time for […]

Insider tips for the entrepreneur pitch

VCs, private equity firms and angels/family offices are far from a homogeneous breed. But there are some key success factors that will attract interest from a potential backer, whether you’re a start-up or an established business ready to take it to the next level.

Tips for finding your dream investor

Tips for finding your dream investor

In love, and in entrepreneurship, it’s a numbers game. And traditionally, you’ve had to kiss a lot of frogs. Even with a platform like Qodeo, which reviews your business attributes, recommending and grading potential matches, there’s still an art to identifying your perfect partner and building that long-term relationship.