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Women in Venture Webinar

13 April 2022

Check out our insightful discussion with Anamaria Pantea (International Integrity Foundation, Qodeo Advisory Board Member), Daria Abbaei (Naples Technology Ventures), Shironda White (Cupcake Therapy, Qodeo Advisory Board Member) and Nina Portier Reinhart (Reinhart Capital) ✔️ VC/PE is a male dominated industry. How can women get in? ✔️ What struggles do women face when looking for […]

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Clearing the bias hurdle for African American entrepreneurs

5 April 2022

With VCs historically investing in narrow networks, geographic and diversity bias has made it increasingly difficult for investors to pierce the glass ceiling and gain access to capital. Qodeo Advisory Board Member and Duke University innovation maven, Stephen Fusi has penned some thoughts for those facing these challenges. The challenges facing investors and diverse, regional […]

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How smart matchmaking wins entrepreneurs smart money

31 January 2022

The right entrepreneur/investor relationship isn’t just about the money. It’s about the fuel the right backer can bring to a growth business. We explain the difference between smart money and the not so smart, and how the Qodeo platform helps you identify real value. Whether you’re looking at funding from a venture capital (VC), private […]

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